Active Schools

“The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community. The process aims to get more schools, more active, more often.”

Croom National School is aiming to achieve an active flag by improving the ‘Physical Education, Physical Activity and Partnerships’ within our school.

The active flag has been set up by teachers Ms. Jennifer Cagney, Mr. Richard Murphy, and Mr. James Malone who are joined by a Student Active Flag Committee. We would also like to thank our principal Mr. Emmett Murphy for his constant support and interest in this project.

Our Active School Committee

  • John Shanahan
  • Eoghan O’Brien
  • Cadhla Reidy
  • Cormac Clancy
  • Laura Carey
  • Anna Hogan
  • Riain Costello
  • Ava Mangan
  • Katie Enright
  • Hollie Lawlor

Our Active School Committee play an important role in keeping the school active. Our playground leaders are in charge of collecting and returning equipment, tidying the P.E room, setting up the playground, collecting children from their rooms and monitoring the playground to make sure everyone is active and most importantly having fun.

Physical Education

This year in the pursuit of achieving the Active School flag with the aim of promoting activity amongst our students Croom National School provides all of our students with a minimum of 60 minutes P.E each week. Using resources such as the Move Well, Move Often, PSSI lesson plans, P.E curriculum and ensuring up to date CPD teachers will ensure that activities are inclusive to all students.

CPD was carried out with regard to the Be Active After School Programme which we look forward to commencing in Term 2.

Each class is taught lessons from a range of the 5 strands which include:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • Aquatics (Third Class Onwards)

A new P.E timetable will be formed this year to ensure that a balanced amount of teaching time will be given to each of the P.E strands.

We look forward to getting started on our adventure towards achieving the achieve school flag and we are very lucky to have a very dedicated Active School Committee!

Run, hop, skip,
The only limit
Is the sky!

Our Active School Slogan

Our PE Equipment Audit

Small Sports Room in Junior Corridor
  • Ladders (x12)
  • Hula Hoops (x45)
  • Coloured Floor Markers (Feet, x16)
  • Coloured Floor Markers (Hands, x18)
  • Circular Floor Target (x1)
  • Plastic Skipping Ropes (x33)
  • Beaded Skipping Ropes (x2)
  • 1kg Floor Weight (x1)
  • Tag Rugby Waist Bands (x14)
    • 24 extra red tags
    • 14 extra green tags
  • Plastic Tennis Bats (x34)
  • Squash Rackets (x4)
  • Red Bibs (x18)
  • Blue Bibs (x43)
  • Yellow Bibs (x19)
  • Green Bibs (x12)
  • Orange Bibs (x31)
  • New Tennis Balls (unused, x33)
  • Activity Floor Markers (x4)
  • Maze Balancing Board (x2)
  • Circular Target Net (x1)
  • Light Blow Up Air Ball (x1)
  • Tennis/Badminton Net (x1)
  • Parachute (x1)
  • Bowling Set (x1)
  • 2D Shapes Floor Mats (x32)
  • Hockey Sticks (x21)
  • Rubber Hammer Sticks (x5)
  • Rubber Rings (64)
  • Relay Batons (x6)
  • Hockey Pucs (x7)
  • Plastic Frisbees (x16)
  • Rubber Frisbees (x3)
  • Small Rubber Frisbee (x1)
  • Rounded Plastic Cones (x17)
  • Small Sponge Balls (x21)
  • Small Rubber Balls (x64)
  • Small Plastic Balls (x4)
  • Small Yellow Soft Balls (x12)
  • Small Flight Bean Bags (x3)
  • Autistic/Stress Balls (x2)
  • Used Tennis Balls (x18)
  • Stop Watch (x3)
  • Sliotars (x15)
  • Small Hurleys (x12)
  • Foot Pump (x1)
  • Small Basketballs (x4)
  • Small Football Skills Balls (x2)
  • Soft Rugby Balls (x4)
  • Volleyball (x1)
  • Indoor Soccer Ball (x1)
  • Complete Set of Coloured Cones (x1)
  • Bean Bags (x65)
  • Roller and Ball Sets
    • 5 Rollers
    • 3 Balls
  • Small Javelin Rockets (x10)
  • Large Javelin Rocket (x1)
  • Basketball Hoop (x1)
  • Bean Bag Shuffle Game (x1)
  • Rings Throwing Set (x1)
  • Infants Target Game (x1)

Our PE Equipment Audit

Sports Press in Old School Building
  • Cricket Bats (x2)
  • Hockey Sticks (x6)
  • Outdoor Hurleys (x9)
  • Indoor Hurleys (x7)
  • Basketballs (x19)
  • Hurling Helmets (x28)
  • Rugby Balls (x6)
  • Gaelic Footballs (x28)
  • Ladders (x2)
  • Pointed Cones (x12)
  • Rounded Cones (x8)
  • Flat Coloured Cones (x38)
  • Large First Touch Sliotars (x4)
  • Sliotars (x29)
  • Football Bags (x3)
  • Big Yellow Hurdles (x12)
  • Small Yellow Hurdles (x6)
  • Big Red Hurdles (x10)
  • Water Bottles (x33)
  • New Rugby Balls (x18)

Learn More About Physical Education

Click to find out more about PE at St. Mary's National School
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