Physical Education

This year in the pursuit of achieving the Active School flag with the aim of promoting activity amongst our students Croom National School provides all of our students with a minimum of 60 minutes P.E each week. Using resources such as the Move Well, Move Often, PSSI lesson plans, P.E curriculum and ensuring up to date CPD teachers will ensure that activities are inclusive to all students.

CPD was carried out with regard to the Be Active After School Programme which we look forward to commencing in Term 2.

Each class is taught lessons from a range of the 5 strands which include:

  • Athletics
  • Dance
  • Gymnastics
  • Games
  • Outdoor and Adventure
  • Aquatics (Third Class onwards)


A new P.E timetable will be formed this year to ensure that a balanced amount of teaching time will be given to each of the P.E strands.

We look forward to getting started on our adventure towards achieving the achieve school flag and we are very lucky to have a very dedicated Active School Committee!

Active School Committee revealing the schools new active schools slogan.

September: Games

To kick start the activities and to celebrate the amazing all Ireland win we decided to begin the school year with the games strand.

We were very fortunate when David Reidy visited our school and brought the Liam McCarthy cup with him!!

He was very inspirational when he spoke about the game of hurling and even highlighted how important primary school was in consolidating his love for the game.

During this month students learned and practiced various skills such as ball handling, sending, receiving and travelling.

Students also experienced various warm up games which inspired thinking on ones feet, problem solving, team work, competition and co-ordination.

October: Dance

P.E lessons this month focused on the dance strand which enabled the children to improve body management skills, understand a range of movement concepts, work harmoniously with others, and develop creativity and imagination.

Students thoroughly enjoyed the dance strand and even had the opportunity to dress up and dance to a range of familiar songs!

On top of this children carried out GoNoodle activities, Bizzy breaks and action rhymes when transitioning between subjects which all proved useful to the exploration of the dance strand.
Students enjoyed these activities so much that they even set up GoNoodle accounts themselves to practise and enjoy a variety of routines at home.

Senior Infants and First Class Performing Just Dance ‘This is Halloween’

November & December: Gymnastics

Immediately after Halloween break students began to explore and enjoy the gymnastics strand. As the weather was particularly wet during these months most lessons were taught in the school hall.

Particular emphasis was placed on skills such as balance, controlled movement, jumping and turning. The degree of difficulty was varied to challenge each class group appropriately.

The children worked both individually and in groups to practice and become familiar with a range of skills.

Children worked in groups to carry out and formulate a sequence of movements together.

‘Gymnastics … an essential aspect of the overall movement education of the child’.

Irish Physical Education Teacher Guidelines

January: Dance

After our Christmas holidays all students enjoyed the dance strand again!

This strand was carried out in both the school hall and in the classroom as the weather was still unsettled. Children really enjoyed this strand and had lots of recommendations about tracks and songs that they would like to dance to.

While investigating the dance strand, children were encouraged to communicate through movements, rhythms, steps and sequences. Many of the dances conveyed a range of moods and feelings.

The stand out dances which our students particularly enjoyed performing include: ‘How to Floss’, ‘Thriller’, ‘The Chicken Dance’ and ‘Feel It Still’.

February and March: Athletics

For the next two months we are concentrating on the athletics strand. We are extremely lucky to have the support of Limerick’s Sports Partnership in implementing the athletics strand with third to sixth class. 

Our students were provided with the opportunity to use specialised athletics equipment over six weeks which they thoroughly enjoyed.

At the end of the six weeks the boys and girls travelled to U.L where they competed in the Limerick Inter School Sports hall Athletics Championships. Students competed in a range of track and field events which included challenges such as; an obstacle relay, lap relay, soft javelin and vertical jump to name but a few.

We are also enjoying our four week running initiative ‘Run Around Europe Challenge’ which every class is participating in. We are very hopeful in our pursuit of reaching the following capital cities: Madrid, Berne, Valletta, Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, Vilnius and Luxembourg.

The junior side of the school are taking great pleasure in their participation in various relay races, hurdles, sprints and obstacle courses to name but a few! 

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